What is garnet sand and its application

What is garnet sand?

The garnet sand used in industrial blasting looks much like the garnet stones used in fine jewellery. Garnet sand consists of natural Almandine garnet grains. Almandine, also known as carbuncle, represents an iron-aluminium garnet. Deep red translucent Almandine stones may undergo cutting and shaping to become fine gems.

Smaller Almandine grains and dust particles may become industrial-use garnet sand. This type of garnet occurs in metamorphic rocks. While metamorphic rocks form, they undergo extreme heat and pressure, which results in growth of gemstones.

Garnet sand remains brittle, which allows it to break into a several grain sizes but also makes its uses finite.

What applications do technicians use garnet sand for?

Garnet sand works as a surface preparation and cleaning abrasive. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, including the following:

  • Aluminium surfacing
  • Anti-magnetic steel preparation
  • Fibreglass surfacing
  • Fibreglass surfacing
  • Glass etching
  • Glass polishing
  • Speciality metal alloy surfacing
  • Stainless steel preparation
  • Turbine blade surfacing
  • Water filtration
  • Wood finisher

Because garnet sand contains no metal, various industries approve it for use. Garnet sand represents one of the most common abrasives used by major oil companies, large factories and industrial plants and shipyards.

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