Core Values




We will continue to strive for the corporate vision of becoming a global high-quality garnet producer and service provider

Quality policy

The quality of the company’s products and services is dictated by industry standards and SICHENG’s commitment to continuous development and improvements in this field. The observance of standards and the company’s commitment are the driving force of progress and continuous improvement of quality in all fields of operations. The company’s main objective is to perfect customer’s needs and requirements.

The company strives to continuously improve its quality with careful selection of raw materials and suppliers, which meet the standards of quality and environmental protection. Continuous improvements are aimed at regularly maintaining and implementing quality control under ISO 9001, while also complementing the processes.

All employees strive towards achieving and maintaining quality in the broadest sense. In SICHENG, quality assurance has outgrown the frameworks of industry standards, rules and regulations, as it has become a part of everyday processes.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental protection is an important part of the partner relationship between the company and the community. Environmental impacts are closely monitored and regulated by the extensive legislation and procedures for obtaining appropriate permits. The company meets the requirements set forth by the national and international environmental legislation and has acquired the environmental permit.

SICHENG introduces the best available technologies, which are described in BREF notes and which ensure lower emission levels and better energy efficiency. As an environmental permit holder, the company monitors environmental impacts with emission monitoring, while additionally takes care of the optimal and effective use of energy under the ISO 50001 standard and of industrial water.

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SICHENG is committed to becoming a world leader in garnet abrasives

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