Garnet sand price in the world markets

Garnet Abrasive could be vary based on the country of origin, manufacturing process, mesh size, type of application (Waterjet cutting or Sand Blasting), type of packing, and order quantity. Garnet price also could be offered per Metric Ton or Kilo-gram based on the norms of each manufacturer or country.

The easiest way to find different Garnet Sand Price is through the below website.

You may discover Garnet Abrasive supplier and buyer and also Garnet Abrasive mesh 20 price as well as Garnet Abrasive mesh 80 price as Garnet Sandblasting and Garnet Water Jet cutting. For example, the average price for Garnet Abrasive through Indiamart is Rs 12,000 (167$) to Rs 18,000 (251$)/MT. On Alibaba is 140$ to 30$/MT and in Made-in-China is 100$ to 300$ MT. (2019)

The average Garnet price during last 2013 to 2018 in India is USD 218.00/MT, in Australia is USD 251.00/MT in China is USD 263.00/MT, in UAS is USD 671.00/MT and in Turkey is USD 151.00/MT

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