What is garnet sand used for

Sanding and Polishing
The majority of garnets today are used as industrial abrasives. Garnet is crushed, then graded by size. Garnets are made into sandpaper, sanding belts, discs, and strips. Garnet particles are used to polish wood and glass, especially optical glass.

Garnets are also used in abrasive powders and as the abrasive mixed with water and blasted through a jet. Unlike sand or silica, which were previously used in water and sandblasting, garnet doesn’t break down during these processes, so it can be recycled to be used over and over.

Other Industrial Uses
Garnet particles are mixed with water and fired in a high-speed jet in a process known as water jet cutting. Water jet cutting slices through metal and even granite with precision and with less dust and noise than other cutting methods.

Because garnet is inert and resists chemical degradation, it’s used in water filtration. Garnet also sees use in the manufacturing of computer chips.

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