What is the difference between rock garnet sand and sea garnet sand?


Rock garnet is manufactured from Mines away from the sea . but Sea Garnet is procured from the ocean.

Basic difference is in the microscopic shape. Rock garnet has edgy shapes and sea garnet has round shape.

The garnet has all kinds of applications, from sandblasting facades, walls, restoration of concrete, removal of incrustations and decalcification. As in the blasting of large metal surfaces and structures: shipyards, boilermaking, etc..

The garnet has very important properties as an abrasive material, such as its hardness and high density, which makes the material can acquire high speeds when fired with compressed air or water pressure… This makes this mineral of great use in the water cutting system as an abrasive agent, obtaining a very good cut at very low costs.

In addition, it is a natural product that is composed of a group of minerals in which the almandite is the main component. Garnet is free of iron and does not contain silica. In the process of blasting with compressed air the rust in metals, the old paint and its remains is easily eliminated, and it offers a renewed surface with a lot of shine when it is blasting on materials in galvanized steel.


Garnet sand is widely used as abrasive material for blasting in cabins and blasting machines. Thanks to its low cost per weight and the fact that several cycles can be reused with a good recirculation and separation system, it is the ideal material when it is necessary to obtain surfaces with a specific roughness in a short space of time. In addition, it is the most commonly used mineral in waterjet cutting systems.

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