red rock garnet for waterjet cutting

Based on garnet abrasive cutting medium, rely on high pressure water jet cutting in basic and apply in oil (gas) cutting pipe, steel etc. It is a new type, environmental protection, safe way to cut.


Real specific3.8-4.1g/cm3SiO234-38%
Bulk density1.8-2.1g/cm3Fe2O3+FeO25-33%
Chloride content<25PPMMgO4-6%
Acid solubility(HCL)<1%CaO1-9%
Conductivity<25 ms/mMnO0-1%
Melting point1300℃Na2O0-1%
Shapesub angularTiO20-1%



Size suggestion:

our garnet sand has different sizes for customers’ need. LM would bring you cleaner cutting operation, higher cutting efficiency and better edge quality.60mesh ,80 and 120mesh are suit for waterjet cutting.

our garnet san 60 Mesh brings the most powerful cutting performance and speed used when cutting speed is more important than edge quality. Such as cutting thick stainless steel, stone or marble.

our garnet san 80 Mesh offers fast cutting speed and good edge quality. Use to cut metals, composites, ceramics and glass.

our garnet san 120 Mesh offers perfect edge quality and cutting speed. Used for net shape cutting applications to eliminate secondary finishing. Use to cut steel, aluminum, glass, and other brittle materials.


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