30-60mesh garnet sand used in the shipyard

  Garnet, the China’s and world’s popular abrasives for waterjet cutting, blasting cleaning,water filtration, bonded abrasive, anti-slipping material, athletic field, polishing abrasive and other applications. 

Our garnet is a kind of hard rock garnet (Almandine), we process the garnet abrasive according to the international  standards to meet with the requirements from different customers.

We usually process the garnet abrasive with the sizes of 12-20 mesh , 20-40 mesh ,  30-60 mesh , 24 mesh , 30 mesh , 36 mesh , 60mesh , 80 mesh , 100 mesh  , 120 mesh , etc .Which are widely used in Sandblasting , Water-jet cutting , Bonede/coated abrasive  , Water filtration and Anti-slipping material etc.

Sand Blasting16#24#36#46#54#
Water jet Cutting60#80#120#150#220#
Water Filtration0.2-0.4mm0.4-0.8mm0.8-1.2mm1.2-2mm2-4mm



our garnet abrasive for sandblasting media is a naturally inert mineral which have characteristics sharp, angular, and the hardness 7.5 – 8.0 Mohs scale. The crystal physical properties make it a superior abrasive, suit for sandblasting machine.
Our garnet sand was come from high quality almandine rock mining, the hardness is moderate. And it have high bulk density, free silica, is the ideal “environmentally friendly” sand blasting materials
In order to provide “efficient, economic and environmental” garnet abrasive,
we have 6 steps washing, so it is cleaner for sandblasting.
Our garnet abrasive media can meet SA2.5 or SA3.0 for the rust.

ColourDark redHardness8.0 Mohs
FracturesharpSpecific Weight3.9 g/cm3
SiO234-40%Melting point1300°C
Ca O5.0-10.0%Mn O0-1.0%
Mg O5-6%Chloride10-15ppm(25ppm max)



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Sharp and efficient

Particle size standard less dust

No heavy metal impurities

7.5 Mohs hardness, Grade 3.0


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